Thursday, April 26, 2012

Educational Television

                          I love watching educational television like Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and many others. What disturbs me the most when watching Animal Planet is when the narrator states something like, "This animal has honed her hunting skills through millions of years of evolution". I don't understand why educational television has to be bias to evolutionist's when presenting the show should not be too difficult to present in such a way that the viewer can make their own conclusion as to how things have came to be. It doesn't bother me so much for myself because they cannot sway my beliefs. However I have wondered how this effects children psychologically. Could a child who watched Animal Planet over the years be more susceptible to evolutionist theories than children who have not? And if so does this mean that educational television is causing an intellectual divide for the children of parents who do not want their children subjected to constant psychological brainwashing? I have wondered how it has came to be that christian views have became shunned by educational television when evolutionist views have became accepted, embraced and promoted. All people regardless of faith or belief should have access to the same UN-bias educational programs at least for their children. Anyway, my two cents worth. I hope you enjoy this article and I look forward to any comments or suggestions as always. Thank you for your time and Thank you for viewing.